All computer programs are designed with the limitations of available systems in mind, and Turbo Trek (TT) was no exception. Running older programs on newer systems tends to painfully accentuate “the old” and reveal other eccentricities.

Turbo Trek 2 (TT2) seeks to create a modern game heavily inspired by TT. As I thought the latter's content creation tools were the keys to enjoyability, so then do my efforts concentrate there as well.

With the systems available these days, TT2 may safely bypass some of TT's limitations. Remember all of those overflowing 16-bit values? Easily 32-bit these days without a second thought. 32 objects in a scenario? With the comparatively muscular systems these days (what a long way from the 486s of old!) I'm sure we can boost the number to some impractical amount if desired. And so on and so forth.

TT2 is being implemented in Java. This makes it a little easier to develop a cross-platform application. Although given my rate of work, by the time I finish Java will be obsolete and JavaScript will be able to do the same thing inside your web browser.


In the interest of making the program multi-user friendly, objects and scenarios that come with the game are not directly modifiable by the user. Instead each user gets a “shadow” of the data to work with, so changes made by one user do not affect the others. After many months of barely-working-on-it this is now implemented and I'm back to the object editor.
A few more screenshots are now up. Here the new look and feel of the program may be seen.
The past few months have been occupied by updating the back end. This has entailed rationalizing object creation with lots of new constructors and error checking, lots of static constant variables to ensure consistent object creation everywhere, and a bunch of copying and cloning methods. The process is almost complete and at the moment only the scenario XML file parser and writer remain. This is all in preparation for a complete overhaul of the GUI into a minimalist form: window with menu bar, no fancy button graphics, etc..


turbotrek2_0.01_all.deb - Debian package. Built with OpenJDK 6 on 25/02/10.


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